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John Bishop's

The Beauty of Everyday Life

LI Herald, Lynbrook, January 20, 2016

The Beauty of Everyday Life

January 16, 2016, Lynbrook Public Library

Two years to the day after John’s passing, an exhibition of his work opened at the Lynbrook Public Library. John already had a close connection to this institution; his commissioned drawing of the building was part of the library logo for many years.

It was the first time John’s works were shown in public. A humble man, never really pursued glory or even recognition; he was happy with making art just for the sake of it, just because he enjoyed it. He was indeed a modest man, but he was confident as an artist, very much aware of the magnitude of his talent.

We are eternally grateful to the team of loving friends that made possible the success of the show, particularly to Dan Ezell, the real force behind the event.

But also to Regina and Jim Baker, Patti Guglielmo, Jaime Hastings, Kerry Koehler, Mary Volino and to Robyn Gilloon and the staff of the Lynbrook Public Library.

Thanks also to all friends and visitors for their support. You all helped to make it an unforgettable event.

Students' Tribute

Through the years, John received many little tributes from colleagues and particularly, from his students; usually in some form of art (a drawing, a little painting, a caricature). John loved them and save them all. Here are some of them, the ones that have survived the passage of time.

Right after John passed his students built the most magnificent tribute to John, right in his classroom.  More than a tribute, it was a shrine, full of pictures, cards and posters of his most famous -and funny- recurrent lines, lessons and jokes. It was utterly impressive. There are pictures of this shrine, but while they are too personal to be shown here, the family is and will be forever thankful for this gesture by the ERHS students.

Other Tributes

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