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House Portraits

“Depicting a home and not simply a house is a complex task. Architectural rendering may tell a builder what is needed to assemble a structure, but it is up to the artist to endeavor to capture the elements that give our residences their distinctive and unique visual flavor. It’s as much about our families, our gardens and our sensibilities as it is concerned with brick and mortar. Attention to pattern, texture, historic detail and overall look help to convey an accurate yet insightful image of the buildings we love to live in. Light direction, time of day, season of the year and angle of perspective must all be adjusted for maximum visual impact.


In developing these paintings I prefer to work from my own sketches and photos but, as this is often impossible, I can build an image based on photos and details of your selection and preference."

This work was, for many reasons, John's favorite one. Particularly, because it was the only watercolor House Portrait he did as a winter scene.

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