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“The paintings and images contained herein are examples of what I believe is an artist's first personal priority, establishing a relationship with one’s environment. Finding a visual place in life and the world, in every sense, is the common theme of artists throughout history. Such observations, after assimilation, must be recorded either slowly or rapidly, but always compulsively, by the artist. Whether abstractly or in a representational fashion, artists seek the influence of other creative points of view and learn from them, while still striving to build a work of art that is unique in its personal perspective. I relate strongly to the Regionalist Tradition in American art. John Stuart Curry, Grant Wood, Thomas Hart Benton and Charles Burchfield are a few of my influences. I also admire the Dutch and Flemish Old Masters”.


Personal Work

"I am really most interested in painting the things and places that I live with everyday, those elements which speak of intimacy through familiarity for both bad and good. I paint the issues of daily local life. Since my high school training in art, I’ve always been interested in Regionalism. I need to have that kind of relationship with what I paint”

Late night October

Pitch pines


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